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Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

Let us vacuum, dust, keep restrooms clean, sanitize appliances, remove trash and much more. We have been providing office cleaning services since 1959 in Jacksonville for:

    • Law Firms
    • Medical Offices
    • Banks
    • Dentists
    • Retail offices

Office Cleaning, Jacksonville, FL
Proper office cleaning services can keep your employees happy and healthy.

Office cleaning on a regular basis is vital to keeping your business going strong!
Government Buildings, Churches and Non-Profits


Our janitorial service is not limited to traditional office cleaning. We also provide trusted office cleaning solutions for government agencies such as:

    • City of Jacksonville
    • State of Florida
    • Department of Parks and Recreation

Churches and Non-Profit agencies also rely on Duval Janitor Service to provide office cleaning solutions that are unique to their specific needs.
Office Cleaning, Jacksonville, FL
Office Cleaning, Jacksonville, FL

The Importance of a Clean Workplace
These days, workplace and environmental safety is a concern for every business. Studies show that employees are more productive and effective when a work environment is clean and safe. Workplace productivity can decrease when offices are not kept ventilated and properly cleaned. Related article on Cost of Absenteeism. Eliminate absenteeism in your office by keeping your appliances dust and germ free. During the flu season, studies estimate approximately 75% of a workforce can be affected.

Have your own employees been responsible for office cleaning in your building? You can improve employee satisfaction and health by calling us today for all of your office cleaning needs.